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SWOP Token Tokenomics


(Click Image for SWOP Definition)


Token Name: PhoenixLP (SWOP)

Token Contract Address: 0x1a4502D80a537B753c2bd1C5d7cc22E31405c104

Token Network: Ethereum

Token Network URL:

Token Website:

Liquidity Pool: Uniswap

Pricing: .008

Holders: PENDING

Total Supply: 225,000,000

Initial Pool Supply: 2,500,000


Token Utility: PhoenixLP was recently acquired by Net Saving Link, Inc and is powered by the DiVinciPay P2P technology, as a tool to clean up dead tokens and NFT's on the blockchain and ultimately convert them into a value token for our customers, using our native SWOP token.  The SWOP token is also one of the tokens that can be used with the DiVinciPay and GivBux ecosystems. The SWOP token can either be swapped for ETH or used at thousands of merchants globally.


DISCLAIMER: The SWOP token is not an investment token.  The token is also used as a method of payment within the DiVinciPay ecosystem allowing customers to pay DiVinciPay merchants. Individuals who buy SWOP tokens via the Uniswap Liquidity Pool, should understand that the liquidity is provided when SWOP customers make their payment.  SWOP is not a memecoin, shitcoin or stablecoin.

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