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Your One Stop "SWOP" Experience

With SWOPx, as a member, you can now swap tokens and NFTs that don't fit your crypto objectives, with tokens and NFTs owned by other SWOPx members. SWOPx is a permissionless and non-custodial Web3.5 application. 


The power is now 100% in your control.


Security is our key objective.  As a Web3.5 application, we are proud to be developed with anti-phishing at the forefront of our design.  Members NEVER connect their wallet to our site, instead simply using DiVinciPay to complete their SWOP.

Net Savings Link charges a 1% fee to facilitate the swap from Party A to Party B.

Enjoy SWOPx!!

You can also turn your dead, inactive tokens or NFTs into something of value with SWOP

Have you ever wondered if you can turn your dead crypto into something of value?  We have built the Phoenix LP to recycle your dead or inactive tokens and NFTs and swap them with something of value.


To begin, tell us a little about your token and lets see if we can recycle them and make you an offer.

All accepted offers require a $100 LP fee. In the event you have multiple tokens that you would like us to make an offer on, an additional fee of $100 will be applied to each accepted offer. This $100 fee is added in total to the SWOP Uniswap Liquidity Pool.

The App

About Us


SWOPx was recently acquired by Net Saving Link and added to the and portfolio. SWOPx is a tool to allows P2P swapping by members of their tokens and NFTs on the blockchain and ultimately convert them into value tokens for us in the ecosystem. It also serves as a tool to clean up dead or inactive tokens and NFTs on the blockchain. While members will have thousands of tokens and NFTs to choose from, the customers using our native SWOP token, can either exchange their SWOP for ETH or use their SWOP tokens at thousands of merchants globally within the DiVinciPay and Givbux ecosystems.


How it Works (P2P)

SWOPx allows you to post the tokens and NFTs  you want to swop and interact with the database to accept offers

Token to Token Swaps

Create Your SWOPx Account

Create your SWOPx profile and avatar. Include the tokens in your portfolio that you would like to swap.  This should include the token or NFT  name, symbol, contract address, network, decimals and quantity you own.

Post Your Tokens & NFTs

Once your profile is created, post the tokens or NFTs you would like to swap. The SWOPx dashboard is simple to navigate and lets you communicate with the other members on the platform to manage your swap.

Securely SWOP

Once you find the token or NFT that you would like to swap with, you have 2 options. 1st is the automated swap, which automatically agrees to the stated terms or 2nd is the manual swap, which is negotiated by the parties and settled via invoice.

How it Works (Dead)

Think of SWOPx and the PhoenixLP (SWOP Token) as a token recycling smart contract.

Dead Token Swaps

Submit your token request

Please provide us your token information, including token symbol, smart contract address, blockchain network, your cost basis, how long you have owned the token and your wallet address to receive your ERC20 tokens

We review and offer

We will review and if accepted, we will make you an offer to swap your dead tokens for SWOP tokens.  There is a flat fee of $100* that gets added to the SWOP Uniswap LP for every recycled token transaction.

Send tokens and receive SWOP

When you pay the $100, you will be given an email with instruction on where to send your dead tokens to recycle. Once received your SWOP tokens will be sent to your provided wallet address.

* This $100 fee is per token. In the event you have multiple tokens that you would like us to make an offer on, an additional fee of $100 will be applied to each accepted offer.


About Us
“I owned SAITAMA and used SWOPx to swap for FLOKI. The process was easy and my transaction was completed in less than a minute.  I would definitely recommend SWOPx to anyone looking to swap their tokens without the hassle ”

Joan Marks

“I own about 25 tokens and at least 75% of them were dead with zero activity.  I did a deal with PhoenixLP and received the SWOP token, which I converted to ETH to make new investments”

Raymond Souza

“I purchased a bunch of NFTs in 2022 and 2023.  At one point they had value but when the bottom fell out of the NFT market, the value went to zero.  PhoenixLP made me and offer and now I have money again.”

Maggie Stalk

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